Okay. Let's make this easy.

While I have a ton of experience in many different types of photography, the following categories are what I specialize in. 

They are also the types of photography that I love doing.

And if I love doing this kind of photography, I can guarantee you will have an amazing experience working with me on your project!

I love to take headshot photos. Whether it's for social media, your employees need photos for your webpage, or congrats, you've won and award, everyone needs a headshot photo. Let me help.

I love to take senior portrait photos. It's really fun to get creative and come up with some unique locations to show off those soon-to-be graduates!

I love to take wedding photos...to a point. I specialize in doing small weddings, with parties of less than 50 people. I find they are much more intimate, and I enjoy being a part of that small environment.

I really love pet photography! It is my specialty. Pets are a big part of our families, that are often overlooked. Plus they are so much fun. I'm usually the guy at a party that hangs out with the dog.

For business clients, I have extensive experience with corporate event and convention photography.  You can count on me to capture the essence of your event, and give you nothing to worry about.

I am also highly trained in business marketing photography. I love to work with companies to get a variety of diverse photos for web pages, social media and marketing materials. I work intimately with the business to make sure my photos are professional, on brand, focused on diversity, and tell the story of the company.

Ken Mostek



Westminster, Colorado

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